Homemade Altar(Indoors)

Altars are not hard to make. They can be small, or large, or any size in between. They can have one object, or fifty. I could literally set up an altar, here in my bedroom, in probably less than five minutes. But, what makes an altar, well, an altar? Here are a few things I’ve found:

  • The energy surrounding an altar must be sacred.
    • Therefore, the area must be kept clean
    • There should be no clutter around the altar
  • There must be a way to ensure that the area is respected
  • There must be, if possible, a way to cast circle around your altar, that it may come to use to you (Wiccan, specifically)
  • There must be some sort of offering to the Gods made, even if occasionally

Some people prefer altars to be related to one specific thing – be it a spell or a goal they’re working on, a specific deity, or a specific time of year. Some things to consider:

  • Colors – what colors relate to your purpose?
  • Balance – have you given all four elements thoughts and places? What about the Gods? What about your Ancestors?
  • Living things – keep in mind, before you place food or plants on your altar, they may attract insects…or your dog.
  • Water and wine spill – but wine’s a lot harder to clean up.
  • Objects – are the objects that you’re placing on your altar energized the way you want them to be?
  • Surface – what surface is your altar on? A floor? Inside a closet? How might that affect the energy you’re working with? Is the surface clean? Pure?

Some ideas for altar locations:

  • Top shelf of closet
  • On top of a dresser or a file cabinet, where small hands and furry paws can’t reach
  • A small card table, set up in a corner of your room

Granted, if your entire family is pagan, or you’re head of the household, you can do whatever you want. Ideally, when I get my own place, I’d like to devote a room just to ritual.

But right now, I’m stuck with the top of a college dresser in a dorm room used by god knows how many people, for gods know how many things…

My next article will relay the finer workings of outdoor altars. These I’ve actually built 🙂


One response to “Homemade Altar(Indoors)

  1. Your page is the first I found on the “how” of altars; how to decide on best location.

    Most resources I have come across only do the “what”… what to put on them, along with an almost blatent,
    what to buy.

    Yours was a welcomed change of pace.
    Thank you.

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