My First Angry User!

Well, after posting briefly (unfortunately, it was my first post) to about my attempt at this new blog, I received a very nasty message from a person who seemed to have forgotten to take her laxative.  I have been a respected member of several communities throughout the years, including freelance coding, freelance writing, religion, gaming, and other websites.  Hell, I run a religion and philosophy site (check the “Projects” page).  The fact that I was treated so rudely, quite possibly attests to one of the following:

  1. She gets a lot of people who don’t know how to spell, offering things on her website.
  2. She automatically assumes that all first posts are intended as spam.
  3. She was having a bad day

My request to briefly explore my site was perfectly written – grammar, spelling, the lot.  It wasn’t forceful, and it wasn’t consistently begging.  I believe it said something to the effect of:

Hey all, I’m starting a new project, and I’d appreciate it if you could at least take a look.  I plan on adding more, at least weekly, and can’t wait to get a steady audience.  (link)  Thank you.  This, in itself seems like a cool site, etc…

An hour later, I received my first comment, here:

You spammed my site, your ISP and piddly little site has been reported.

Learn some manners.

Awful rude, isn’t it?

Now, I never meant to make any enemies on my first hour of creating this!  But if she wants all the web attention, I guess she can have it…

Its really too bad, because she has some good resources.  Its also too bad, because I’m about to go back to college, and let me tell you how many IP addresses we have there…

Anyway…I guess there’s an upside…

She visited…didn’t she?

LOL, I’ll post more later today, perhaps minutes after this.  I just had to return the user feedback.  I had been hoping for an open relationship between our sites…damn.


One response to “My First Angry User!

  1. Let her Karma be her Karma. Mean people suck. I’m sure if she was having a bad day BEFORE she sent you that Mc Nasty, it only got worse for her.
    Anyway, liking your e zine. I am working on getting a web site up and running soon myself ( Pagan business) so you can feel free to link/ advertise your ezine there anytime.


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