Why Are We Here?

Well, to be honest, I know why I’m here. I’m the writer. But, why are you here? Did I send you here, begging you to read my first post? Or did you stumble upon me via google, or witchvox, or any of the various other means I hope for you to find me on?

I’m a young witch. I’m only 19. I’m not even a third degree – my teacher and I haven’t even touched on that subject yet. But, this is my second year of college. And, even if I’m not qualified to teach, I have the right to discuss those things which don’t warrant debate, or education. Mainly: how do I, and you, deal with paganism on an every day basis?

So, who am I looking to attract here? Those people who long for a sense of community, without having to search through the millions of people offering love spells, and past life regressions; the ones who want to tell you about the way they just cursed someone with a black candle and some lipstick…you know what? I don’t give a fuck 😉

No. Instead, I’m more interested in stuff like this: How do my friends treat me, with knowledge of my path? What about my professors? What do you do in a job interview? How do you find your center in a city full of concrete, with not a single patch of woods far enough away to be dark, in darkness? How do you grow an herb garden in a dormitory? How do you discuss religion with your significant other?

So, hopefully this project won’t die. And hopefully, I’ll make an impact in someone’s life. Be it mine, or yours, or some random stranger sipping coffee in New York City.

Blessed Be.


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