Accepting Change and Self Evaluation

As I mentioned two articles ago, magick is all about creating opportunities. I’ve found however, that before you start to work for anything, you have to convince yourself that its what you want. If you are not of a pagan mindset, and are just tuning, no worries. You can refer here to my previous article, or you can just accept that ‘magick’ in this context means goal setting, decisive action, and prayer to achieve an outcome.

Looking back at my previous Books of Shadows and their entries, I find that almost every time, nearing a holiday, I write down something to the effect of:

I will stop biting my fingernails

Well…obviously, since I’m writing this, it never works out. This leads me to a new revelation about me:

I enjoy biting my fingernails

Now then…how are the gods supposed to help me stop me from doing something that I derive pleasure from? Seems like I’m stacking the cards pretty high against me. To continue with this train of thought, we come to another crossroads:

Why do I enjoy biting my fingernails?

  • It alleviates boredom
  • It makes me feel better
  • Nail bits and cuticles provide excellent chewing material

Alright, maybe you didn’t really want to know that. But trust me, its important. In my quest for magickal intervention, if I don’t get immediate results – I know what questions to ask.

  1. What events or influences could be stopping me from achieving my goal?
  2. What is the cause of these influences and events?
  3. How can I alleviate these obstacles?
    1. Should I alleviate these obstacles?
    2. What price will I pay if I do?

So, we’re on question number three. The ways to alleviate these obstacles are as follows:

  • I chew my nails when I get bored. I should alleviate my boredom through discovering techniques – games to play silently, etc.
  • I chew my nails when I am nervous or in an emotionally uncomfortable situation. I should discover techniques to alleviate my stress in those situations
  • I enjoy chewing my nails – Keeping my nails trimmed could inhibit my ability to chew my nails

What price will I pay?

  • Momentary boredom until I learn new techniques
  • Momentary stress in uncomfortable situations
  • Sadness over not being able to chew my nails\

Am I willing to pay that price? Right now, with 18 credit hours of school to look forward to; no. I often sit in my classes and let my mind wander while I play with my own hands. But, if I were, I would try again – and if I still couldn’t get to the goal I wanted to, I would reevaluate myself again.

This method of accepting change and self evaluation will aid in almost anything you do. Although emotional input is important, using logic to achieve goals is a method used by billions of people throughout the pages of history. Why should we abandon that? Let’s build on it.

In conclusion – that spell for meeting the right guy just not working? What are you doing to stop yourself? The prayer to get over your cold? What benefits do you receive from being sick that you would lose if you weren’t?

And as always, the final question to any goal setting is as follows:

What can I learn from this experience that will help me and the generations to come?

Stay tuned for something more interesting tomorrow – I think I’ll trade off between philosophical and practical articles – it may be more interesting.


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