Describing an Outdoor Space – Spiritual

Well, my notes for my physical description ‘paper’ weren’t too descriptive on what was happening while I was observing. Unfortunately, that means that I have to go by what I remember – which is often, at times, not the same as what happened. But, sparing a conversation on reality vs. memory, I will return to the topic at hand.

During my alone time with the patch of green, I noticed an ant crawling upon one of the trees. Ants, as anyone knows, are animals that are members of a group that functions exceedingly well. Ant mounds are often portrayed as places where each member has its role. To me, the viewing of this ant at work is an affirmation of work. Just like the ant, I am a member of the Universe, under control of the gods, doing what I was made to do: learn.

Also during my time alone, I noticed, albeit outside of my patch of green, that there was an abandoned bird nest in a tree. This, to me, symbolizes the final freedom – the growth from young to adult, from fletching to young, eager, mature bird. This, then, could be considered representative of my attempt during this semester to become more independent from my family at home. Similarly, the ant ties in – I am doing what I am supposed to do; independent from the ‘herd’ or ‘mound’ or ‘group’ or ‘family’.

So, it seems to me at least, that my interpretation of my surroundings at that time is one of affirmation. Now, onto the ‘practical’ part of Pagan Pages – what should you be looking for in your patch of green?

  1. Unusual patterns on leaves or plants
  2. Unusual plants
  3. Wildlife – insects or others
  4. The sun/wind combination – how did it change when you started?
  5. Time yourself – but don’t look at a watch during your exercise. How different was what you thought your amount of time was from the ‘actual’ time? Why do you think that is?

And please remember – if you perform this exercise and decide to take a memoir – ask permission from the plant, first! You wouldn’t go up to a random stranger and pluck an armpit hair, would you? Or rip out his heart? That’s what you do to plants if you pick them without asking. And don’t call them weeds – they don’t like it 😉

That’s all for now, folks! Til tomorrow.


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