Coming Out of the Closet in College

Wait, stop here. If you are a person who is looking for an article about coming out of the homosexual closet, this is not the place to be. I’m talking about a completely different closet: the broom closet.

In the world of academia, everyone is ‘smart’ and ‘scholarly’ and in my school at least, scientifically based. In the world of academia, it is acceptable to be Jewish, or Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu. With the entirety of college and classes and research based on the scientific method, it is difficult, I think, for professors and staff to wrap their heads around the concept of paganism or Wicca. Therefore, I would suggest coming out of the ‘broom’ closet only to those whom you trust – or those whose opinions don’t affect your GPA.

The important thing to remember about involving religion in your liberal arts education is that the ‘religion card’ should not be pulled on every single essay or assignment. Your professor likes to see you thinking from a different angle, but coming from the exact same angle every time would be like pulling teeth. That goes for any perspective you want to write from.

Another is to include the religion card in everything you do. Regardless of what you’re in college for, or who knows about your path. Because you are on that wonderful path that is so different from the rest of the world, you should be taking the extra steps. Learn to apply your faith to the concepts introduced. If your professor talks about economic stability, relate it to magic, and compare. Does magickal stability have the same rules as economic stability?

Speaking from the academia standpoint, drawing those connecting lines will help you creatively think, and help you get a big picture of the world. It will help you form a better, less conflicting image of yourself – you’ll know what you believe, and where you stand, because you’ve devoted time to it!

Speaking from the magickal and religious viewpoint, college is so intensive that if you’re not Christian and can’t have your religious ‘quota’ filled by going to church every week, relating what you’re learning in college to spiritual matters is one of the few ways you can stay on top and feel good on your path. It will help concrete what you already know, and of course, add to your growing library of knowledge.

On that note – if any of my hundred plus page hit people would like to start writing for Pagan Pages, let me know! Leave a comment or something – I would love to add more writers. I’d like to still aim for one article being posted a day, minimum. So, you could post as little or as much as you like. You could be a guest writer, or a staff writer. I can’t pay you though – you’d have to do it of your own free will. The only requirements would be the following:

  • Knowing how to spell
  • A basic mastery of grammar
  • An extensive knowledge of or personal connection with nature or the gods

So, if you’re a nature freak that wants to write about the spirituality of nature, but you’re not pagan or Wiccan, by all means: try it!

Til tomorrow!


One response to “Coming Out of the Closet in College

  1. I am a 38 yo woman back in college. I have only come out of the broom closet to 1 professor as it was the only class where my faith had any bearing.

    It turned out well and led to my leading a Q&A about Wicca when we hit the religion chapter of our Cultural Anthropology coursework.

    Mama Kelly

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