Experiences with Entities

Well, I’ve procrastinated all day to keep from writing this. Well, if you count waking up at 7:45, walking to get breakfast, trying to sign up for another class, going to four hours and thirty minutes total of class, a 2 hour meeting, and spending the last 3 hours doing homework as procrastinating. ANYway, I don’t really want to write about my experience with entities last Friday night. To be honest, I don’t remember much of it. The following points seem to stick in my mind

  • I was told / felt compelled to leave ‘something shiny’ by the tree where I stood that night as a gift to the creatures
  • I was told that I was to walk my own path, and the beauty of my path lied within the concept that sometimes, our paths cross…but always, we must choose where our own feet go.

Regardless of who told me these things, I benefited from a reminder to respect energies and to craft my own path. Also of benefit to me were…

  • Laughing when something in my head amused me – becoming relaxed
  • Singing as a sign of respect to the entities – which I always love to do
  • Feeling comfortable and at home, surrounded by the dark warmth of trees

Especially the third bullet – that is something that crafts my religious beliefs. Its what draws me to kneeling on the earth naked and thanking the gods for my existence. Enjoying that life force is why I am happy and alive and well.

Why are you on the path you’re on? And for what purpose do you live? What drives you? Is it guilt, or love, or pleasure, or honor? Respect? Wonder?

All of these things are those of our Great Mother. Christian, Pagan, whatever name you call that divine force by – these feelings and compulsions are what drive us.

Well, the title doesn’t really fit the above description. So, we’ll dissect my experience. Let us first assume that the entities that I felt that night were real in my individual existence, and perhaps, had there been another human present, in a collective existence. What did I note above?

  • How I felt during the duration of my experience
  • What occurred during the experience
  • What occurred after the experience

Other useful things to record when dealing with energies, which aren’t relevant or I did not feel comfortable revealing to the world wide web:

  • What occurred before the experience that drew me to the situation
  • How many energies were present besides myself?
  • Were the energies present divinely based, astrally based, or physically based? (was I speaking to god, a spirit, or a physical being such as a plant or animal)
  • What did I learn from the experience?

Keep a journal if you’re not Wiccan. And if you are – this stuff, both the methodology and the individual experiences that you have and collect throughout your adventures along your path – this stuff should be recorded in your Book of Shadows. That’s what its there for.

Til next time!


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