The 73 witches in ’74

On April 13-14, 1974, 73 witches from varying traditions gathered…The American Council of Witches deems it necessary…

Sound familiar? If you’re a witch, it does. If it doesn’t, check out the 13 Principles of Wiccan Belief. IThis post is just a short and sweet one. I’m going on 200 visits, and I was wondering this question:

Who, exactly, were the 73 witches on the Council of American Witches?

I only know a few names – as in, one or two. I know the founder of Llewellyn was there. I know my High Priest’s High Priestess was there. I’m assuming the head of the COG at the time was there. But who else?

If you can fill in any blanks, it would be much appreciated. I’ll bring this up every few months. The 13 Principles is such a standard in Wiccan Literature nowadays, that it doesn’t seem right that the 73 witches are not remembered. I can find no list of them, I’ve searched for hours. I’ve emailed various representatives of different pagan organizations, to no avail. So, join the search! Please?

(Something more relevant tomorrow – this has just been bugging me)


2 responses to “The 73 witches in ’74

  1. I believe Laurie Cabot was one. Or maybe she just mentioned it in her book. I’ll have to back and try and find it. I’ll see if I can confirm it tomorrow.

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