The Dangers of Logical Thinking

Especially in the age of computers, we are constantly bombarded by information. I know you may hear this a lot as any introduction to a topic relating to technology, but its true. I am constantly gathering and collecting, storing and saving, organizing information. I have made my brain into sort of a computer – and sometimes, I hate it. I realize that I’m slipping too deep into the mentality when such things as conversations become based on logical assumptions.

Sometimes, I can actually have the full conversation with someone, in my head, before it happens. I get so sucked in to the methodology of life that it becomes automatic, and I lose some of the pleasure. Even when I am exercising, I am constantly thinking ahead to how much farther I have to go, if my speed is fast enough, if my heart rate is at the most effective point…

On the positive side of this, I work quickly and without a lot of error. I can deduce logically the steps I need to take, perform them, error check, and be done with it. But, we are taught, either through the thirteen principles(remember the 73 witches in 74?) or the Rede, itself, that we should take both the mental and the physical into consideration. That we should work hard, yes, but we should always take pleasure in life. When I get to the point of realization that I’m not enjoying life, I re-center, re-evaluate, and continue.

Even the Charge mentions being free. It also mentions being skyclad, which is an entirely different topic, but the point is this:

We get caught up in ourselves and the daily processes of life. Don’t. And if you do, find something, for a little while, to enjoy. Play an instrument, go for a hike, or reconnect with our Great Mother somehow. There are lots of paths to the divinity.

I tend to think of it as a child going out to play. We are that child – and eventually, as excited as we get outside, playing in the dirt, and with our friends – we need to come in and eat! So get a little Goddess-snack and head back out to play šŸ˜‰


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