Tarot For Pay

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Forgive me for being a bit of a traditional hard ass when it comes to this. But, although I don’t agree with much of what Gerald Gardner lays down in his laws, writings and what-not, I do agree with one thing: we, as witches, should not accept monetary compensation for our divination. There are several reasons.

When I see a tarot reading festival or a booth in a festival going on at my college, or in my hometown, I watch the people who walk out of the booths. More often than not, they don’t have the look of awe that they should after an in-depth tarot reading. They come out, they immediately kick up conversation with their friends, to let them know how their super special ‘occult’ experience was, and what the wise woman/man had said inside for a small fee.

The tarot is sacred, because it is a tool for us to divine the situations that we find ourselves in that we cannot always see as clearly before hand. Accepting money, the tarot reading done by myself, would be clouded by the fact that if I did a good job, I might get a better tip! Now, I realize that not all card readers are like this. But nevertheless, your cards will feel the influence of money and your new intentions. I say this, and you may smile, but consider the following:

Your tarot cards are specifically yours. If handled correctly, each reading you do, each card you consider, is given your energy, becoming more attuned to you. So, technically, your readings will become more accurate in several years of time with the same deck because

  • You are familiar with the cards
  • You are more adept at interpretation
  • The cards are used to you

When the cards are being used for money, we tend to stop listening to them. We tend to influence the general publics’ opinion of the paths that we walk, and we influence our own cards’ readings. As a result, the readings are more geared at what the person being read wants to hear, and less what they need to hear.

What if the cards are being used for a good cause? A mandatory donation to some fund in exchange for a reading? No. The person being read should always have the choice to donate time or money as they please.

A voluntary donation? Perhaps. But charging for your magic? What if those ever-present parent Gods of ours decide to take the privilege away?


3 responses to “Tarot For Pay

  1. Samantha,

    Your new site layout is beautiful!

    I respect your position on this issue – it’s one I held for some time – but I now disagree.

    It’s absolutely true that there are many readers who care more about making a quick buck than using their gifts to assist others with spiritual growth. Coincidently these also tend to be the same alleged psychics who tell clients what they want to hear to keep them coming back. This practice lacks integrity and spiritual maturity, and reflects poorly on other readers.

    That said there are many readers with integrity who use their gifts as a source of income – and they are right to do so. I believe we’re meant to have prosperity and abundance. Whether we have an aptitude for computer programming, working on a car, trading stocks, or giving psychic readings, I feel it’s up to us to claim that gift and put it to use in a way that benefits all involved. The programmer, mechanic, and stockbroker get paid for their expertise – why shouldn’t readers? 🙂

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  3. Well, as with any article regarding a stereotype of people – there are always exceptions! If you perform readings with the intentions of helping an individual and in the energy of respecting the gods, then my issues were not regarding you, or others in a similar position.

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