Mabon in Perfect Balance

Yesterday was Mabon, the fall equinox….the first day of autumn, the second harvest…where night and day were (theoretically, depending on where you live) the same length.

It always seems to me that some holidays *cough*YULE*cough*BELTANE are a little more popular than the others. My personal favorite is probably Imbolc because of the symbols and spiritual meaning of the holiday. But, since we’re at Mabon, let’s discuss it.

Looking outside, I see the common colors of Mabon as being green, yellow, and orange. Out around here, the leaves are starting to turn, though it’s a bit early. In terms of the harvest, it’s in full swing now, and in honor of Mabon, I went out and picked over 30 fruit off of our Apple and Pear trees at home.

If you’re like me, and in an urban situation without a lot of (or any) private land to worship on, and no real private space at all to cast a circle, there are little ways that you can celebrate each of the holidays. As we progress through the year(s), I will touch on these around those times. I apologize for doing this after this holiday.

One good activity is to press leaves. It can be easily done. Collect some good samples, and then get a large book. Lay some newspaper on the book. Put your leaves down in between layers of newspaper, cover with a final layer, and then put some more, heavy books, on top. This will allow the leaves to dry.

From a magical standpoint, I know that some herbs should be collected at this point. Unfortunately, I am not that knowledgeable about plants that should be collected right now – so you’ll have to find another source for that.

Taking a nature walk is a great idea for any of the holidays, but you should remember, in the fall, like right now, hunting seasons are starting. I woke up to gunfire at home – and it wouldn’t really be wise to take a walk through any forest unless it was a protected state park without hunting.

I always like to look to the birds right now, as it’s going to be the last time you’ll see some of them before the spring. A great book to pick up is Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak, available at any big bookstore or your local pagan store. I’d link it, but I don’t want to bias you to a particular online retailer. It’s kind of pricey, but both my High Priest and I agree: it’s a must-have.

As I mentioned above, harvesting is a great way to honor any of the three harvest festivals (Lughnassadh, Mabon, and Samhain). Tomorrow, I will post the ‘wheel of the year’ in my tradition. That way, when I talk about the second harvest, you know to what I am referring.

As long as you get outside and feel the earth between your toes, or raise your arms to our Lady, or kneel before her, and you worship, and feel the joy that is Her inside of you, and let it exude forth, you’ll have given due worship (allusion to the Charge).

And, in the manner that is so fitting of our gods, let these words echo in your heart:

Let My Worship be within the heart that rejoiceth, for behold: all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. And therefore let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

Enjoy your day!


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