Wheel of the Year

Okay guys, apparently I’m now an officer of Environmental Club as well, so I’ve gotta get a move on, on school stuff.  However, I promised my tradition’s breakdown of the wheel, and so, here it is.  Albeit brief and not controversial, I swear I’ll get something up for discussion soon – I loved what the Tarot and the Politics articles did for my hit count 🙂  Read the descriptions, then go farther down for information about the seeds I speak of.

Samhain – The Witches’ New Year.  It is also the third harvest, and represents harvesting of spiritual gifts.  It is a time for reflection, and also a time to begin planning for the next ‘planting’ season.  It is also the time when the veil between the realms is thinnest, so keep your eyes peeled for omens, signs, and communication.   Great time to meditate and commune with the gods and ancestors.  Traditionally a time for initiation within my path.

Yule – The Winter Solstice.  The time of greatest darkness.  This represents that deep within spirituality.  A time for reflection as well, it is a great time to contemplate the cycles and symbols related to the evergreen conifers (Christmas trees…pines, etc).  Start of winter.

Imbolc – Candlemas – The  height of winter, but also the beginning of the light overcoming the darkness.  A great transformation holiday, named for Brigid in some traditions, as she is the blacksmith goddess – one who can shape what was hard into an entirely new shape.

Ostara – Spring Equinox – The beginning of spring, a time of balance, much like the balance of the fall equinox.  This is when light is finally dominant.  Great for fertility rites, etc.  This is the time to ‘plow’ the fields – not planting yet, unless the ‘seeds’ will take time to grow.

Beltane – May Day – This is the height of spring, and another time when the veil between worlds is thin.  Look for omens, but take time to ‘plant’ your seeds.  It represents commitment, marriage, etc.  It is when the gods consummate and bless the fields.  I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Litha – Summer Solstice – This is the beginning of summer, and a great time.  The general energy is growth – so you should be hard at work, but also celebrating – your seeds should be sprouting, and its the summer!  Go have some fun.

Lunasa – Lammas – Height of Summer – This is the first harvest, and also when, in some mythology, the god begins to die / dies.  It is for the ‘first bread’, and is a great time to check your progress within your physical seeds.  Its still summer – go have some fun.

Mabon – Fall Equinox – All about the balance, this holiday is also the height of harvesting, and within our spiritual calendar, the second harvest – for mental gifts. Yesterday‘s article spoke of Mabon, and so I will leave it be for now.

the harvest and planting

Alright, if you haven’t figured it out, my tradition has meditations accompanying each holiday.  In the beginning of the year, at Samhain, general goals are established for the next upcoming year.  Generally I try to keep to things that:

  • Are feasible  to accomplish
  • Are things that I want to accomplish

I also try to keep a balance.  I limit myself to small goals, and maybe a few big ones, and try to keep the balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual goals.  A sample year might be below (Sorry, this is a long article!):

Samhain – I establish goals.


  • I want to bike at least 300 miles over the summer
  • I want to stop picking at and chewing on my nails
  • I want to maintain and learn more about healthy living
  • I want to grow a small herb garden containing…


  • I want to read and work with John Milton’s Paradise Lost
  • I want to compile a book of readings I’ve done with my Tarot Deck
  • I want to (get a more challenging job, internship, course load…)


  • I want to practice visualization of my patron gods
  • I want to practice awareness to recognize spiritual omens
  • I want to maintain my Book of Shadows with meditations on each esbat


At this point, I would have begun the meditation on each esbat (obviously) and perhaps purchased materials if I needed to for the other goals laid out.


This is the final reflection holiday, and now is a great time to begin the habit changes I mentioned, plus any holiday specific events, etc.


This is the time for tilling the fields.  Meditate on the actual tilling of your spiritual field – what should surround the places with your seeds?  be creative.  What will your seeds look like?  Will they look like seeds?  Capsules?  Pictures?  What is your dirt?


This is your planting.  Plant the seeds. Do some need to be in water for emotional health and well being, or spiritual needs?  Do some need to be thrown in the fire to incite passion?


This is the time you should really be working on all of your goals – you’re past the halfway point for the year!  This holiday is all about growth – are your seeds sprouting?  Are your pictures making movies?  Your capsules bursting open?


By now, your physical/mundane goals should be about ready for harvest.  Harvest them – pick the fruit.  How successful were you?


By now, your mental goals should be about ready for harvest.  How did you do?


Spiritual goals, and a new year to think about.  What a year!

Alright, I’m over 900 words, which is about 400 more than I wanted, so I’ll catch you tomorrow with something less informative.

Til next time!


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