The Spirit of Education

If you’re a parent, or a teacher, or a student, like myself, you can often find yourself entangled in that messy world of ‘assignments’.  You may find that your head becomes more engrossed in the ability to memorize or otherwise complete assignments, and you lose sight of the big picture.  Why are you in the classroom?  Or, why is your student in the classroom?

You might be asking now, why the hell is this on a Pagan website?  I’m not a pagan parent.  But I am a pagan college student.  And, every school year, or at the start of every semester, I look in the mirror, and remember why I am here: to learn.

As a Witch, that holds special significance to me.  Our religion deals with occult knowledge – that is, knowledge that is generally not accepted as true by a majority of cultures.  Therefore, we must take every opportunity we can to increase this spiritual knowledge through practical means.

When I am in Chemistry, and my professor is speaking about the way that atoms bond, it matters to me.  I may be bored in considering the methodology of that bonding, but I always try to apply what my professor says to how I practice magic and celebrate my existence.  In the case of bonding, we could apply it to humans.  I’ll leave the technicalities out for now, and instead take another example.

In my genocide class, we have moved on to studying the Holocaust.  This is important in a historical sense for me, not only because humans decided to methodically torture, starve and kill each other in the millions, but also because there is mention by Gerald Gardner and Aleister Crowley of a ritual performed to turn away the Nazis from Britain.  Knowing more about the Holocaust aids me inc oming to (or not coming to) a conclusion about the validity of these claims.

In my physics class, we are currently talking about Force.  How can that not be relevant?  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Need I say more in relation to the mechanics of magic, karma, and the cycles of the world?

At work, I am currently working with things that are not necessarily new – data entry and the like.  But, I am also constructing a search function that will help me in customizing just about anything.  Because I work as a php/sql programmer, I am able to apply these concepts to other projects I am working on – including an auto tarot card generator.  Therefore, my job helps me study methodology and patterns – another important aspect of magic and the cycles of life.

If you’re bored at work, or in school, step back and start adding a little depth.  It shouldn’t just be a nine to five thing.  So what if you have a degree already?  Learning and the spirit of education should never die.

Til tomorrow!


2 responses to “The Spirit of Education

  1. I think school does a good job of educating the spirit of learning out of us! We end up with a diploma mentality – get that diploma then stop learning! About three days ago I posted some thoughts on Stimulating the Creativity Spark Within You that brought up many aspects of how the public school system ends up being a twelve year sentence of mind control, crushing creativity, smashing individualism, encouraging collectivism and compromise, destroying the exercise of intellectual inquiry and twisting it instead into meek subservience to authority. It had quite a response. We need more education systems that will ignite creativity.

  2. Yes, humans were not humane and did not exhibit humanity during the Holocaust/Shoah. Trying to wipe out an entire group of individuals is beyond genocide.

    Interesting on the ritual aspect you mention.

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