The Omens

I have not dissected what they mean, yet.  But, I thought I should include you in my areas of observation.  I was walking out of class, after speaking to a teacher about speaking to his class about novel writing, and I make my way towards my apartment building.  There in the sky, come two large birds, screeching as they, yet again, disappear from sight.  Upon pursuing them, of course, I can’t find them.  Its happened a few times.  With, of course, the screeching being analogous to the cries of Red Tails, my preferred bird and the one I tend to see the most when looking for symbols.  This morning, however, I was simply trying to go home.

Hawks are generally associated with, according to Ted Andrews of Animal Speak, “It may pop up as a totem at that point in your life where you begin to move toward your soul purpose more dynamically”.  He also says, it teaches to see, and to ‘fly to great heights while still keeping your feet on the ground’.

I also spotted a ladybug on my way back to my apartment – which I held, briefly, before allowing him to fly off to his next task.  He was just chilling on a blade of grass.

I mention these without the intent of interpreting them to the world, but instead to remind you that all creatures – great and small – or the way that the trees whisper as you walk by – can lend clues to your cycles of life.

Some great resources for omen/association identification follow.

(Bird ID)

(Tree ID)


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