Hanging On

Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do?  I’m a college student – that’s about as close to ‘the rest of your life’ as you can get.  With an inordinate amount of expectations and tests, its easy to see how we get lost in the sands of time.  Although I do not consume alcohol personally, there are a lot of people around me who stress during the week, and then party to the point of sickness on the weekend.

The good thing about being pagan is that we get a little extra in terms of stress relief.  Not only do we get the usual breathing or exercise techniques…we also retain the ability to focus, center, meditate, visualize, and otherwise calm ourselves.

In addition, I believe learning, at least, becomes easier for me when I remember that I am a witch.  Because we have such a broad view of the world, it is easy to connect what we are doing in class (most times) with those things which exist in the real world.  The trouble comes when professors want you to attempt something in their fashion and method, without understanding the broader concepts presented.

I’ve always held that college should be about getting the big picture – and the little picture – and piecing it together.  High school was when I learned about the war of 1812.  College is when I examine why it occurred – from societal, psychological, economic and  technological standpoints.

I have several tests upcoming this week, and into next week.  In these, I am asked to express my knowledge.  My issue with standard college is this:

We are in class to learn.  Learning lends itself to mistakes.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to introduce a concept to us.  It is our responsibility to understand it – however, we cannot fully understand it if the teacher either gives no work or an unreasonable amount of work to do relating to the concepts learned.

We get grades for our expression of knowledge.  However, if these are the only grades that we receive, how are we expected to show that we can improve and increase our understanding?

You know the teachers I am talking about – the three test, all lecture teachers.  But life isn’t like that, really.  When you’re at a job, most times, you don’t get just one chance to do something right.  Everything is taken in steps.

As a programmer, I take the following steps:

1.  Create a plan of action

2.  Create a prototype

3.  Review and receive feedback on prototype

4.  Make changes – receive approval or feedback (Repeat until approved)

5.  Move onto next stage…

Its a never ending process of going back and forth between the consumer and myself.  There are some instances, yes, where an expression of knowledge is needed – but it is the constant feedback that makes a job or project successful.  Something that we, as college students, sometimes never get.

Happier post tomorrow when I stop being angry 🙂


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