Reason In Rhyme

Well, I found my blog stats the other day, and let me tell you, they’re extremely useful.  From now on, I’ll be using those to craft what I’m writing about, in addition to my mood, etc.  Today’s topic will be rhyme within spell craft.  Please note that I am speaking of magick, and not Wicca: although they go hand in hand.

Many people just discovering Wicca or the idea that magick (Yes, magic!) is real – turn immediately to the internet for spells to cast.  Things to make their luck turn good, or more money come their way, or tricks to become invisible, or more noticed…everything you could ever want.  And these same people look at these spells they find, and make the connection: woah, they really do rhyme like on TV!


Spells are, from the most skeptical point of view, effective because the performance of a ritual like a spell has the following elements:

  1. Repetition of an expression (I want money, I want money…money comes to me…) which allows the caster to sink into an open minded state and begin to believe what they’re saying
  2. Rhyme of an expression (Roses are red, violets are blue, You’re so pretty, let me love you…) which also allows the caster to sink into an open minded state.  In addition, the cliches of the modern world aids in the caster believing in what they’re doing
  3. Some symbolic act, which, since humans operate on analogies, will further cement the change that the caster wants to happen into their heads.
  4. They will then emerge from their little ritual happy, and on their way to having their wishes come true.

Although we who are not skeptic believe all of these things – on a different level – it is useful to keep the psychological aspects of Witchcraft in mind.  Knowing these, you can better manipulate them.

So, what about the rhyming?  Is the cliche of modern society the only thing that makes them work?  Absolutely not.

Rhymes leave no loose ends.  To write a rhyme or a short poem, you must have intention.  And, as with any spell, intention is the first step.  So, to create a rhyme to accomplish a purpose, you are sending out the message, “I know what I want!  I know what I want!”, like a kid at Christmas.

Rhymes are considered the foundation of the world by some, including myself.  With rhymes, as I said, there is nothing left hanging.  Things are whole, and complete.

Rhymes are also easier to remember (a little bit of practical paganism leaking through there) and easier to recite in a rhythm which is smooth and unawkward.  Allowing your words to flow smoothly means that (here comes the analogy!) your spell will flow smoothly also.

Rhymes are also cyclic, which means they spiral, if you could paint them – and spiraling, raises energy.  Rhyming therefore, is a great way to raise energy.  Which is what you want to do when you cast a spell.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on why rhymes shouldn’t be shared for these exact reasons…


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