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Hey guys –

Last week was really the end of my mid-term time and therefore, I should have a little more time to post, although I have to remember that I’m also writing a novel this month – I can’t let that go too far without maintaining it.  That besides the point, two days from now is my favorite holiday of the year!

I’d like to see some comments: How do you celebrate Samhain?

Unfortunately, because I am in a college setting, I will probably do no more than give thanks and celebrate a little bit – take a walk, etc.  Its hard to celebrate on “Halloween” because there are noisy kids and troublesome teenagers everywhere causing trouble.

But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t set out goals for the new year like every other year – and the classic ‘New Year’ that non pagans – and pagans! –  celebrate.  The great thing about setting out your goals at our New Year instead of theirs is that you have two whole months to start them, and you’re not dragged down by the social stigma of new year’s resolutions.

I usually divide my goals into three types, relating to the three realms of the self: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual goals.  Physical goals are those things which don’t take a lot of thought, and may relate to health or appearance.  Mental goals are those things which aren’t necessarily involving the use of magick or ritual, but do involve the use of the mind, thought, and reason.  And spiritual goals are actions which involve magick or ritual.

I will give you a few examples of the goals I have set out this year for myself – those which I will let others know about.  Some goals you should never share.


  • Increase my running to a total of 9 miles per week
  • Participate in at least one group-athletic event (ex: 3k, 5k, century ride)


  • Construct a computer program to read tarot cards
  • Begin research on uses of talismans and amulets


  • Establish a standard, ritualized, daily non-moving meditation routine (night)
  • Establish a standard, ritualized, daily moving meditation routine(morning)

After I establish goals (there are a total of five per category this year), I then take each category and establish timelines for them.  This year, I added one mile per week for the running goal, and although I haven’t reached a schedule for either the mental or the spiritual goals, I’m going to simply lay out the steps that need to happen.  This devotion of intent to my goals helps greatly with their overall effectiveness in my life.

I always change so much during a Witch’s New Year.  I am amazed, looking back at the positions I was in, the people I was around, and the knowledge I gained through the previous year.  I remember standing alone in front of a patch of trees last Samhain, and receiving the knowledge that this year would be difficult.  And, in response, I remember establishing a rule:

I may cry when I am sad or in pain, but I will not cry when I am overcome by fear.

But, I digress.  If I don’t get the chance to post in the next few days: Happy Samhain to all!

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