The Path

I don’t often delve into poetry much anymore, especially not of the rhyming type (review the previous post, Reason in Rhyme, for reasons) but I did delve a little the other night, and I thought I would share my very elongated haiku-type poetry form with everyone.  Since I am currently relatively one handed (tendonitis flare up in my wrist – can’t hold anything, can kind of type, can’t wash my own face without pain…) I thought I’d post some previous material.  Enjoy!

My heart seeks the dark
Of your womb, Great Mother of Earth
Searching for comfort

Amidst the lonely
And those who have never known
The pains of love lost

For we have been took
From the comfort of your love
Thrust into new hands

To guard and to give
Beyond our most inner selves
To that which is you

You are our lady
The one to whom we bow first
And foremost, we love.

And we are your priests
Sworn to honor and hold true
Meanings of your ways

And so we sit, lost
In a world which is too bright
For our infant eyes

Struggling to see through
The glory and mystery
Of your sacred path

Great mother, bless us
For what we do, is for you
Above all, we live

And we seek not but
The love you have promised us
On our sabbat days

Give, and then receive
Such is the cycle of life
Of which we are part

Glory, goddess, you
Are our light and our darkness
Ever sworn to be

My lord and lady,
Accept these gifts of our love
From our hearts to yours

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