The Meaning of Love

Personal experiences will not be mentioned in this post, as I am not comfortable relating *that* personal side of my life to the world wide web.  However, reading this post, you can assume that I have either experienced the things I speak of, or have observed people in those situations.  Both are most likely accurate.

What is love?  The love I speak of is not the love of a woman or a man for their child, or that child to their mother, or a friend to a friend.  That’s right: I’m talking about that icky, gooey, gushing romantic love that Shakespeare used to capture the hearts of millions throughout time.  Even the cavemen, I’m sure, experienced moments of love and affection where they weren’t dragging their women by the hair to the cave to *ahem*.  (Women: we all know it was the other way around!)

But do we love each other enough, that upon the supposed death of our partner, we ourselves commit suicide(referencing Romeo and Juliet)?  Or is it more like Much Ado About Nothing, where our friends secretly set us up, lead us to believe our to-be partner loves us, and this itself leads to our own love’s discovery?

In my not so many years on this earth, though significantly more than when I first started observing relationships, love, and such, I have come up with a theory which I will share with anyone upon asking.  Are you ready?

Love Is A Choice

There.  I said it.  Hate me?  You, who are surfing the internet, desperate to find some method by which to justify your still present attachment to your ex-lover?  They were the only one for you?

Love is a choice.  Love is an agreement.  If love were a contract, it would be the following.

(Promise below)

I promise to hold your feelings above others with (exception to family, no exceptions, etc).  I promise to devote some attention to you.  I promise to make you feel like you’re the most (beautiful/handsome/sexy) person alive.  I promise to trust you.  I promise to be trustworthy.  I promise to be that person that thinks of you each night before I go to bed, and wakes up in the morning with the same thoughts, and I promise to let you do the same.   I promise to share time with you in ways that I won’t do with anyone else (cuddle, sex, walks…)

Just like the 13 Principles view on religion, (We’re great with all religions that accept other religions) I feel the same about relationships.  You don’t HAVE to be the one for me – no matter how perfect you are.  In the end, love is a choice, and if you start choosing not to love me, I can choose the same.

That doesn’t mean I won’t feel the loss of our intimacy.  Not at all.  I may cry.  I may mope.  But I do so with the understanding that I can get back up and resume my life: you were NOT my only chance.  There’s never just one chance.

Not sure what spawned this particular post, but I hope that, if you’re in that situation or you haven’t really thought about it, I’ve peaked your interest.

And most importantly: don’t stalk your ex’s.  Its bad. (LOL)

Have a great day!

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