Yule, Imbolc, and Renewal

Well guys, happy New Year! For those of you that took a look at yourself last year and went, “Next year, something’s going to change.”, I encourage you to try my method of goals. I begin on Samhain, usually, but you can begin any time.

Pick several different categories of goals for yourself. For me, the categories are physical, mental, and spiritual. Physical usually relates to my health and well being, my strength, and the things I do. Mental usually relates to contemplation of problems that require logic, or some other form of reasoning. And spiritual relates to those things which I can do on a daily, weekly, or some other routine basis, to bring me closer to the divine.

I really like the system that I’ve worked out – the checkpoints are evenly spaced, far enough away to get work done, but close enough together not to forget. The Wheel of the Year falls this year:

Samhain (Oct 31 07), Yule (Dec 20 07), Imbolc (Feb 2 08), Ostara (Mar 20 08), Beltane (May 1 08), Litha (Jun 20 08), Lammas (Aug 1 08), Mabon (Sep 22 08) and Samhain(again) (Oct 31 08).

So. I pick 2 or 3 goals for each category, and I lay out tables. What is my ultimate goal? This does not have to be a quantified goal, it can simply be an idea. But then, I ask the next question: How can I measure this goal’s success?

I then divide the year up as above and for each goal, I take some time to figure out the appropriate checkpoints. One of my goals this year is to run competetively or bike competitively. I decided the best way to prepare myself for this is to start running a mile a day, or 7 miles a week. So, I began attempting to run one mile a week until Yule. Now, I’m trying to run two miles a week. At Imbolc, I will up it even more. In addition, I’m training my legs for bicycling also, adding weight training, squats, spinning, etc.

At each checkpoint, I check my progress. If the goals are measured weekly, then I try to take time each week to write it down.

Remember, New Years Resolutions only fail because they are vague. Or out of our grasps. Resolutions in themselves, are working magic. You say something’s going to happen, and then it does. And just like magic, if you chant your ready-made off of the internet words to get more money, and then never look for a job opportunity or take one when it comes up…it won’t work.

Keep in mind, especially, you New Years Resolution-ers. Imbolc is that first sparkle of sun, that time when the light finally overcomes the darkness. Any contemplation you need to do, DO it, *now*. Because from Imbolc to Mabon, that’s the time for action.

Make your family, your friends, your gods proud.

Blessed Be!