Where does magic come from?

Magic.  That thing which is inherent to witchcraft.  And other religions.  I suppose I should already rephrase my question, because magic is the process.  Energy is the materials.  Where does energy come from, then?

Well, to delve briefly into physics…

Forces are exerted to change the acceleration, a, of an object, m.  Work, then, is when forces move an object, m, through a distance, d.  Work is also the change in kinetic energy.  Change in kinetic energy can be measured by the relationship between mass and velocity.

So, in conclusion, if you’ve never taken physics, the physics definition of energy is something that moves an object through a distance.  Spiritually, and I am taking a leap here, we can assume that energy is something that causes something to move, or change.  Even if you don’t agree with me, don’t worry.  I’m not using this definition for anything controversial….yet.

Magic is the process by which change occurs.  Energy is the substance that causes that change.  So, theoretically, if you could remove the process by which energy is used, you could eliminate magic.

I suppose I should pause again for a moment.  I am writing this post because a not-so-close friend to me came to me with a problem concerning that he was being targeted and bound by witch hunters and dark magic user.  I asked what a witch hunter was, since witchcraft is legal in the United States of America, and he told me that a witch hunter was someone who aimed to separate the soul from the body and destroy either to get the energy.  He said that if your soul got taken, you’d feel empty and wouldn’t be able to use magic.

For those experienced crafters, I’m sure you’ve had many experiences of this sort (mine, not his).  I am not writing off the possibility that there was someone intending him harm, simply assuming that it is primarily a him-focused thing, and not a situation where people were actually pursuing him.  In any case, I found it extremely disturbing that he told me that there were people who could stop me from using magic, and therefore, stop connecting with the gods.

…No one can take away my relationship with the divine.

After all, to be someone who manipulates energy to achieve results, you have to at least understand a little bit of what you’re doing.  If you’re using magic, then you’ve accepted that you are in control of your own destiny.  You’ve also accepted that changes will happen.  And doubtless, you’ve accepted the idea that, although not everyone may be conscious of the fact that they can use this ability, they do have it.

So do people who don’t know they have this ability get it taken away too?  What if they suddenly discover magic and want to play?  They can’t because someone took it in their sleep fifteen years ago?  Why don’t these witch hunters prey on babies?

You can use magic without a concept of religion.  But, personally, I believe that everything in this universe is an aspect of the Divine.  The personified Gods I speak to and work with are faces of that Divine force.  I, too, am Divine.

How can something take away what is inherently a part of me?

It amazes me how easily someone will call themselves a Wiccan, and in the process, forget that the Gods they worship are present?  Do you think a divine being would ever let its devout worshiper be removed from their place of comfort and power?

Magic is the process by which to create change.  It follows then, that what I do when I, as a woman and a priestess, draw down the moon or take some other aspect of the Goddess into me, is magic.  I am creating personal change.  It may be, for the most skeptic, a slight emotional change or a slide into self-willed euphoria, but it is still a change.

No one human being can take away my ability to stand with my two feet upon the earth, the sun shining down onto my smiling face, the wind softly whispering through my long hair, my arms raised in worship, connected to the Lady Earth and her partner, Father Sky.  That warmth, that feeling of home, that *right*ness that ensues…

I am not saying that someone/thing who wished you malicious intent could not cloud your ability to be centered and focused and therefore, by proxy, inhibit your ability to feel that divine presence, or mute your confidence.  But no one can downright eliminate your ability to connect with the divine.  If anything, it is your willpower, your magic which will overcome those hardships.

*End Rant*

Blessed Be!


10 responses to “Where does magic come from?

  1. I hope you read and truly understand what I’m about to say. First I don’t believe your a evil person or even a person with bad intentions but I do believe that you are a person that has been missinformed about religion by people who already live in the dark and out of the light of the lord.I’m not going to say that my religion is better then yours and it’s always right or it even explains everything but. I do ask you to research you religion and who comtrols it truly and this might sound off the mape but is any of your spiritual leaders connected to the illuminati or the conquering wind, because in some ways my religion and yours are controled by the same people but no need to go into that what I need you to do is to inlighten yourself on not just bothsides but every side to see the full picture and by what you wrote up above I can tell your truely not informed and in some ways blind. When you truely realize not only where your magic comes from and why it only works around certain people or why it stops woring when you get baptised or why spells donot work on true christians. But I know what your thinking your a christian and your trying to convert me but I’m no christian and I have never even been baptised but I have been lightened by the teachings of Luap Yrag the second. And If you yourself is in line with the six stars it is writen that you will lose and it is writen that you will win depending on what author you choose to believe. As for me I will believe the one that has never lied to me and has nothing to lose.You can contact me when ever you want.

    • Hi there, my name is Thomas Meyer, and when I was young, I always watched shows that have magic on them. In 1999, I started watching a television show called Charmed, and that got me making a book of Shadows for myself. I was trying not to do bad spells, but I always got upset at my jobs that I use to work at. I once thaught of stopping using magic, but I was wrong. I really need my magic back. Is there any way I can ask the Gods?

  2. Hi –

    I’ve never had an issue with my magic working or not working around certain people. I also never try to influence people with works of ritualized magic. I believe I was baptised Catholic when I was a baby, by request of the minister who married my mother and father.

    As for what I’ve been taught, its a very small ancestral tradition. My teacher comes from a wide range of traditions that form his base of belief – he has two Native American lines (Lakota, Cherokee) as well as Gypsy blood. His mother and her mother and so on were all witches.

    My post was in response to an experience of a discussion that I had with someone who claims paganism as their religion of choice, but seems to be a little off kilter, at least to me.

    As to the religion being controlled, I’d like to point out that Wicca exists in small covens, usually less than 20 members, or as individuals practicing their own style of religion. I highly doubt that some sort of secret organization could communicate within such a disorganized (and purposely so!) atmosphere. Having led a coven myself at one point, I don’t believe I was being controlled by an organization. But hey, maybe I am out of the loop.

    Thank you for your comment 🙂

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  4. Oh dear. A ‘no name’ comment. I think they’re mass produced. “I’m not going to judge you even though everything I write next will sound to you like a judgement, and me telling you you’re wrong and I’m right…” Hmm.

    Best one I ever had was a comment from “God” telling me that I was going to hell. Whether for being gay, pagan, left-wing or into Doctor Who, I couldn’t say. >;-) x

  5. There is a cost in everything we do; a price we all have to pay for the things that we toy with while on this plane. Like all of mankind, you and I fall short of what God had planned for us. The choices we make are suspect because we have learned to ignore His wishes and choose our own wants and desires. Such is the case with the majority of the world today.

    It is interesting to read through a Wiccan’s concept of faith and gods and then try to put together a comment that does not sound like the regular sort of anti-witch rant.

    Living my life in service to Christ means that I have to at least try to show you that the path you have decided to walk upon is leading you down a very dangerous road.

    Let me clear up why I am posting this to you. Your sins are no greater than mine. I know that many Christians will come here and tell you how your particular lifestyle choice is the worst things under God’s eyes, but in reality it is no worse than the next man’s or woman’s sin. What is important is that at some point in your life, you come to terms with the fact that your choices are not going with God’s law and you should turn from them. He has given us all salvation through his Son, but that means that we have to turn from our sinful nature.

    The Word of God tells us that in the begining, God seperated the darkness from the Light. I just thought I would share my thought with you and give you a mirror, should you ever wish to shine a little light in the dark corner you currently play in.

    I am praying for you.

  6. Don Z –

    Thank you very much for your comment. I wish it was content related. I also wish that there was some way to make you – and the other Christians who write these same things in different formats over the years – understand the context from which you speak. You speak of a religion – your religion – which has roots, most ancient roots, in a race of people who were subjugated for the better part of their thousands of years old history. Your god and your faith have grown from a shepherding, nomadic community in which women were property and slaves were a sign of wealth.

    I cannot relate to that. I am not Jewish, my ancestors have not come from Jewish roots. In the very, very beginning, I suppose, we all came out of Africa. But my direct ancestors come from Ireland and Wales and Germany. All equally nomadic tribes with equally valid tribal religions. I would, at least, derive my set of beliefs from my own ancestry.

    In addition, humble believer in God, you have no real “authority” to determine that my choices are not going with God’s law. If in your reality, all of us are never on the right path, then thanks for the heads up, and I agree wholeheartedly. But if you seek to shepherd me into the cool kids, “I believe in Christ” club, I’ll pass.

    My post implies nothing about a “dark corner,” and if you opened your eyes and actually spoke aloud the words that I wrote, you may have realized that I was talking about that infinite connection to the divine, the one that we can never lose. I was talking about faith in an almighty, and about my personal and divine right to create change in my life for the better.

    I pray for you as well.

  7. First, i highly apologize about my fellow Christians who are pushing their beliefs on you. I may be a christian, but i do not believe that everything written in the book called bible is the truth, especially since it’s been translated and rewritten over oh so many times. Faith is a blind’s game. Everyone can choose whichever they path they want. Now, on towards the topic, thanks for sharing your opinion on “where does magic come from” -i’m trying to do some research on that P:. As a former wiccan, i do understand the things you are trying to point out. However, i was somehow surprised on what your friend had said. “to separate the soul from the body and destroy either to get the energy” -to translate that in other words, that someone will have to kill you. There is no way one,especially a mere human, could separate soul from the body, nor force you to stop doing what you want but Death. Now, murder is not legal in any country, i believe.

    I don’t really have anything to say much, but to thank you for sharing this opinion of yours, as well as to apologize for the close-mindedness of my fellow ones, so to end this post, Go mBeannaí an bandia tú [*is hoping to have typed it right since it’s been along time since]

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  9. Here it is!………………Magic comes from the dark force, from the one who wishes to deceive and make true what isn’t. Lucifer and his demons control magic because magic is the gift which he has inherited. Magic and anything/one involved in it in retropect is taking part in Lucifer’s game of deception. The wealthy owners of the world, the Illuminati: A cabal of interbreeding families is seeking to impose a global fascist dictatorship of total human control, using financial crisis, war and vaccine and other means are playing magic tricks all the time, making us beleive for examples that the Twin Towers were brought down by a 3rd World organized organization called “Alqaeda” or that JFK was murder by Lee Harvey Oswald if you beleive that you are greatly mistaken. See these are Magic tricks in its own deceiving and trying to shine light on what isn’t. The Illuminati use magic to decieve you from the truth which comes from Lucifer and his demons. Do the research and allow truth and the light of the Lamb Jesus Christ into your lives. God Bless you and everyone.

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