Unfortunately, I have a life; and part of that life is spent in school. I opted over the fall semester to travel to Costa Rica for ten days this January, for a class called “Costa Rican Natural History”. I will be gone from tomorrow, January 6th(traveling to airport) until January 17, 2007(returning late at night). You should expect a post from me on January 18th, or at the latest, the 19th.

I sincerely apologize to you new readers and you loyal readers – and I hope that those of you who have viewed once will continue to visit my site, if not in my absence, then when I return.

I’m excited to go to Costa Rica, and with exception to sudden death, I will be very happy to return and not only recount what I saw and heard and smelled and ate and experienced, but also what lessons I’ve learned from the trip about our Great Mother Earth and all of her children.

By the way.  If you’ve gotten here via a search, and have not found what you’re looking for, comment on the page(this post, even)!  I do see the stats and where you guys came from to get here, and I try to take from those possible topics – but I have a list, which is pretty small!  I always welcome new topics – everyone’s creativity takes a fall.  I gladly answer all requests for communication that are not solicitations for sex, drugs, or other religions. I don’t want my blog to just be a place for my opinions – I want it to be a place that’s useful for everyone that comes along.

Blessed be, all, and be safe!

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