Imbolc: Part Two

Expressing your spirituality.  What an odd concept for those of us who have been hiding in closets all of our lives.  I’ll skip the moaning and groaning about not being mainstream for now – we’ve all done our share, and we have all heard it before.  On a brand new college campus, I haven’t really scoped out the existence of any of “us”.  As far as I can see, its mostly “them”, though I’ve heard there are a few of “us”.  In any case, here are some ideas for some nice, calming, non-boisterous attempts at connecting with the Great Mother and her aspect, Brigid on the upcoming sacred day.

  • Walk – simple?  Absolutely.  But taking a walk – a walk designed purposely for observation and intentional connection with the world around you – that is a walk that can be full of spiritual implications.  Look up, look down.  Do you see the ants’ nest you almost stepped on?  Look for plants or animals that stick out – does it mean something?  The skies and seas and in between are full of signs just waiting for you to interpret.
  • Sunrise – Watching the sunrise can be exceptionally poignant on Imbolc, the time when the sun is finally beginning to make some progress in the wintery world.  If you live in the North or far from the equator, it may be difficult – don’t put yourself in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation on snow or ice.
  • Make Something – pick a goal – and then make a representative of it – be it an amulet or something else.  Brigid is the ruling goddess, the goddess of the smithy – you may find your hands work better than normal or you experience a creative surge as you go about your day.  Don’t be afraid to pick up a piece of wood and start carving it.  If you have a rare opportunity to visit a metalworker – go for it!
  • Action – the most important part of this holiday is taking an action, symbolic or useful, towards creating change within your life.  The power well is there, *USE* it!  Take a run, if you want to lose weight.  Begin your meditations on dance, if you want to learn about the subject.  Take the time to create that positive change in your life, and you may find that the rest of the days within this year flow easier.

Remember as a witch, or a pagan, not to get down when others go about their days and you want to shout at the top of your lungs, “It’s Imbolc!  Time to Celebrate!”  You can tell people, invite them to acquire the knowledge about our sacred day.  But a lot of times, at least, I find myself with a secret smile as I go about my day – today is a day which I have decided to set aside, make special.  Its that secret joy harbored within which has driven us solitaries for the duration of our lives, that sense of secrecy which has allowed to craft to survive and flourish.



Imbolc: Part One

Sort of a short post today, as I’ll be running back and forth for the beginning of the semester.  I am now situated in New College, an extremely small, public honors college, the only one of its type in Florida.  Two days from now is Imbolc!

Imbolc has always held a special place in my heart, mostly because what it represents is such a powerful image.  It is the height of the cold.  But it is also the sunrise, the beginning of the sun really starting to make a difference in its rising power.   The image that always comes to mind is the sun’s first break over a line of evergreens, snow slowly beginning to melt, and animals finally coming back to life.  As I am in eighty degree weather currently, I am unable to enjoy the parts of spring which I have always witnessed before now.

Imbolc, also, holds a powerful energy of renewal.  It is that time to begin the physical changes within your life.  Brigid, the smithy goddess, represents changing something dull and ugly, useless, and through an act of intense heat and trial and stress upon the material, making it beautiful, shinier, useful.  We can harness this energy ourselves, and through her energy, become stronger, more faithful, more energetic, build healthier habits, and discover new spiritual truths.

What changes do you want to bring?  You should have been thinking about it before now, but the decision is upon us:  What will you manifest today?  This coming year?  Season?  Hour?

Stay tuned for some “practical” expressions of Imbolc – hopefully tonight or tomorrow.