There Is An Ant

There is an ant which I see once a day, on my desk or more recently, on the wall behind my desk.  It is the only ant I’ve seen in the room, and as I don’t kill animals, I’m pretty sure its the same ant.

I’m not sure how he got here, or why he feels it necessary to crawl all over my laptop, my pens, and everything…but he amuses me.  He’s a relatively small ant, maybe half the size of a swollen mosquito bite, slightly red but not brilliant in color.  He crawls in and out of my keys on my laptop, winds his way down and into my drawers, back out again…

It kind of makes you wonder.  How did this poor ant get separated from his peers?  Did he wander off on his own?  Did all of his peers die in a freak bicycling accident?

How is he surviving on his own, without his colony?  Does he as a colony animal even care about reproductive longevity?   Did he come bearing a message for me?  An ambassador of ants?

Maybe, next I see him, I shall ask.

Blessed Be and have a great day!


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