Issues of Faith

Hey guys –

I made that post title (now that I think about it) sound much worse than it actually is.  I’ve merely come to a realization over the past week or so about the issues and concepts of faith in both myself, and I believe humanity in general.  For centuries, those worshippers of any religion who consider themselves leaders – priests – have the same message.  “Go back to God!”

For Christians, you are made to feel guilty if you have not attended church or prayed lately, or didn’t go to the brunch held to raise money for a sick kid(you probably should feel guilty for that one).  For every priest or priestess, the main issue, the main goal, is participation.

I’ve found through self observation that whenever I am “off” – I am upset, or not as happy as I normally am, or I am angry, or frustrated, or sick – I become more…pious.  I know this sounds completely selfish and down right wrong to admit, but its true.  When I am content and satisfied, I do not necessarily feel the need to do a full out ritual to celebrate something or perform a spell to better myself.  I’m guessing that you feel the same.

We look to religion for comfort.  We look to it for strength when we have none, patience when we are tired of waiting, and freedom when we feel chained.  This is not something new or unusual, but rather a state of being.

It could be argued that the less we “need” active acts or rites of participation along a path, the more we have reached god(s).  It is also argued that you drift from the god(s) in question without those active rites of participation.   The answer?  Self-Evaluation.

When I am happy, I do still speak to the gods.  It is informally, as a child to its mother, or it is even just a silent moment of contemplation and feeling ‘home’ within.  When I am pushed off of my center, I speak to the gods more loudly, more clearly.  I do those things to state, “I am still here, I am still your child.”  I do those things to reaffirm my relationship to myself.  To remind me where I stand.

I check my own behaviors – what am I doing on a daily basis to put me in this mood?  What sort of energies are in my life that I should work on altering?  What cycles are repeating in my life that I no longer want?

I check my own faith – am I happy?  Am I content?  Do I still have that at-home, die-hard, happy-go-lucky, belief that it’ll all work out?

We all walk our paths in separate ways.  The gods may liken us to pebbles in a river at flash-flood – drifting along with no control, hitting random ideas and concepts along the way – at some points in our lives, leaving us dazed at best.  But there are those times – the good times – when we are standing along the shore with them, content and happy and not necessarily needing outward displays of affection.  Don’t mistake that for a loss of faith or a lack of religious piety.  You’re not alone 🙂


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