Healthy in Your Own Way

Let’s talk about health and happiness. Obviously they’re related – the healthier you are, the happier you are. Yet, is trying to conform to someone’s idea of a method to being healthy going to make you happy? I don’t really think so – and this has come from two solid years of working out and discovering “Health Tips” and “Training Methods”.

But to be honest, without going into specifics: What makes you happy is what is going to work. Now I’ve found a nice medium in the past two and a half to three weeks. I work out 5-6 days a week – M-F and either one of the weekend days – and I rotate between cardio and weight training. For my cardio, I make sure that I’m doing what I want to do: if I don’t want to be in the gym, then I take a run or hop on my bike. For my weight training, I do what doesn’t hurt a shit-ton, but still makes me feel good.

I get up three hours earlier than I have to to work out. I wake up and work out – then I shower, write, and read the news / browse the internet / check my email. Then I eat, then I go to class.

“Eat before you work out.” I’ve actually found that for me, not eating helps my motivation and gets me awake. And let’s face it: if I eat, but don’t feel motivated, that’s not a very good way to work out, is it?

“Work out in the morning and your metabolism blooms.” Actually, a lot of the time, I still get tired in the afternoon – like I always do, regardless of my workout / wake up routine.

What does this have to do with paganism – you’re probably asking as you begin to trail from reading this post. Everything.

A healthy body fosters a healthy mind – you stop beating yourself up so much – and your healthy body also fosters a quieter mind. I find its easier for me to concentrate, easier for me to meditate after I work out. Bettering your body is also like upgrading the temple for the gods.

Let’s face it. Healthy living – living in moderation – is something we all should strive for.

Plus, something’s gotta counteract all that mead you drink at our festivals 😉

Blessed be!


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