Eclipse Energy

What does an eclipse do to the earth?  When the three planetary bodies are in alignment?  This is the question that I’ve been pondering in the back of my mind since yesterday, when the full lunar eclipse occurred.  Should we conduct a normal esbat during the course of an eclipse?  Why or why not?  Do Gardner or Sanders or Crowley or Valiente mention Eclipse energy?  Why wouldn’t they have?

I think that eclipses are anomalies to us – humans – as a general idea or fact.  We don’t know what to do, and I’m sure, in the past, we didn’t know if the world was ending or not.  They occur only occasionally, and I can’t even remember the last full eclipse I saw, although I know I’ve seen one.

I also think that eclipses represent the ultimate balance.  It is the night – or day – when you are whole, when the cosmos are *Actually* in alignment.  It seems it would be a great time for grounding.

But, keep in mind:  there are two sides to the coin.  The relationship can either be viewed as in balance or in conflict.  It seems like there would be a realm for a source of trouble.  For those of you – like I – who do deal with fluffy bunnies or some variation of those who profess a belief in the ‘supernatural’ – you may have found that you had to deal with them a little bit more last night, than usual.

I didn’t actually see the eclipse, by the way – the night was cloudy.  So what I had hoped would be an experience worth writing about was, in all actuality, me playing guitar for 3 hours and people-watching.  I did meet a group of people who I hadn’t known before – which is common on a new campus – and we had a nice long discussion about childhood, religion, ghosts, energy, and light bulb jokes.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  By the way – there’s a discussion going on on the post: The Black Cat Conundrum which you may want to check out.

Blessed Be!


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