Finding the One

Let’s talk about love.  Or dating.  Or sex.  In ten minutes – because that’s all I have before my class.   I watched the entire courting process this past weekend – thanks to a friend and our proximity.

The boy wanted the girl.  So the boy chose to get interested in the activities of the girl.  In this case, she is a pre-med major and a great cook.  So he brought her to the store to buy stuff and then helped her cook it.  And then he asked her if she would look at a cut on his foot.

I know, you want to do it, and so do I:  Doctor, doctor, give me the news…I’ve got a…bad case, of loving you!

Fast forward to later that night – we’re in the room, hanging out, boy arrives…and ensues a four hour long meeting that I am present for, for a good majority of.  Youtube videos on random, funny shit, for the longest time leave him behind her on the bed, giving her a shoulder massage and claiming knowledge of masseuse techniques.  Leaving youtube for Ebaum’s world and other sites, we find the opposite, she behind him, returning the favor.  A friend drops in, enabling me and her to shoot knowing looks at each other as we watch Boy puff up his chest, provide feats of knowledge and manliness.

We(friend and I) decide to leave Boy and Girl alone.  Kissing ensues.

So, boys!  If you want to score a love interest, that’s the basic method.  Find a common interest and exploit it.  Then, using some ploy or another, gain bodily access in a friendly manner.  It could be the, “I’ve got a cut that’s infected” thing, regardless of medicinal inclination, or the offer of a back massage.  In any case, there is a power play present which should be mentioned.

You ask for help.

You offer help.

These two actions, varied though they may be, establish a powerful symbolic relationship.  “I am in need…will you help me?”  This establishes that the person that they are asking is a person whom they respect as a superior.  “You may not be in need…but I would like to help you.”  Is the next statement made.  This establishes that they are superior in some things, and you, in others.  And so, a relationship formed on “respect” is born.

The physical touch breaks the barrier that says, “You are my friend, but you cannot be my lover.”  Notice that you do not often offer backrubs to professors.  The physical touch must be something relatively intimate and arousing on a certain level.  For some, it may be sparring or grappling or wrestling, if both of you have the knowledge.  It may be back rubs, or foot rubs, or some other form that says, “You are a friend…but…you can be more.”

If the girl accepts you from there, chances are you’re golden.  I’ll leave it up to you to make the first “real” move.

This is related to the religion – or I can make it so.  But right now, my ten minutes are up and I must go to class.  More later!


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