The Perfect Ritual

One task my high priest asked of me a long time ago, was to design “The Perfect Ritual”.  Having done that, and occasionally finding my work – today I cleaned the room I am staying in, and found the folder full of stuff I should be giving to him – it occurs to me that maybe I should offer others the same idea.

As in anything, we tend to strive towards perfection.  Shouldn’t our rituals be as effective as we can possibly make them?  And so, I was asked to design, “The Perfect Ritual”, a ritual which would accomplish exactly what it set out to do.

Create your own perfect ritual.  It brings some interesting concepts to mind.

Do you really want the outcome of the ritual you designed?

Are you absolutely sure that the outcome you designed is something you’re ready for?

Is it appropriate enough to be entered into a formal ritual?   You can’t wish for new shoes in the perfect ritual.

Just a thought.

Blessed be!


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