A New Era

Imagine a place where your full, true nerdiness could be realized.  A home, where you could speak of quantum physics and their relationship to your spirituality while sipping a coke and eating some chips.  A place where you could go to learn about any aspect of religion or philosophy, or even other stuff – health, technology, science – and use that learning to make connections to your own spiritual path.

There is such a place.  And it launches tomorrow.

I’ve mentioned the Order of the Gecko before as it was still in its beta stage of its new launch.  The Order of the Gecko turns four years old tomorrow, and I thought it was fitting to launch it – version 3.0 – on that date.  The Order of the Gecko was founded by a small group of people including myself, when we decided that we wanted something more out of the internet.  We wanted to build a place where people of all different faiths could come and have intelligent, relevant, and peaceful discussions.  We wanted to create a temple – a place where people felt safe and comfortable enough to expand their boundaries and learn from other religions what they may use to further themselves along their respective paths.

And so, the Order was born, and it flourished for quite some time.  Yet, as I found my way to college, and the other co-administrator found his way to a new job, our attention waned and so did the Order.  It fell from grace, but was always lying there, waiting for us to pick it back up.

And so, around November – a little after I started up this blog – I decided to turn my attentions to the Order and bring it back to life.  I think I’ve done a damn good job.

The Order of the Gecko now houses a library of member-submitted works, public domain works, and religious texts.  It hosts several databases full of “Quick Facts” about religions, philosophies, historical leaders, religious organizations (Salvation Army, anyone?) and others.  Hubs of information and literature submitted by members – papers, stories, poetry.  In addition, chat rooms and forums will make communication that much easier.  Perhaps most importantly though, the new Order of the Gecko’s layout enables us to teach what we know.

Using Moodle, which is course management software, the Order of the Gecko now offers courses about anything that interests its members.  We’re looking for teachers – and students.  The great thing about the Order is – we could care less about grading!  The courses are going to be designed in a way that promotes critical thinking and fosters growth.

The courses don’t have to be broad, either.  Do you know one book or one small area like the back of your hand?  Help other people learn it too!

If you’re interested, come check the Order out.  We welcome students and teachers, and even just people that want to make some sort of a difference in the world in which we live.

Can’t hurt…right?


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