Being and Becoming a Woman

Let’s face it.  Women sort of have an extra  issue at hand.   Once  a month, for anywhere   from three to eight or nine days, we are modifying our schedules to accommodate our bodies, which have decided to bleed.  Sometimes heavily.

Yet,  I  like to think of myself as becoming more of a woman during my period.  It is not that I am not a woman during the times when I am not bleeding…rather, it is when I am bleeding when I feel closer to the Goddess, when I feel her inside of me, around me, filling with her  presence.

And so, each month, I am and I become a woman,

Is there anything like that for a man, other than the moon and sun rituals of passing time?


One response to “Being and Becoming a Woman

  1. I can’t speak to the experiences of other men, but I have random moments where I am especially aware of Mother’s presence permeating everything within the range of my senses. These moments are tremendously affirming, but are not brought about by any particular event or activity that I can tell.

    I wish I could initiate these events, but Mother makes Herself known to me when She sees fit.

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