The Pagan Voice

Christian music is everywhere. Where is the pagan counterpart? I don’t really want to have to search as hard as I do for either “classic” pagan songs, or newer things. I want songs and dances dedicated to celebrating the ‘wild’ side of life.

I have written a few songs – I was almost a music major in college, but I’m still left to wonder: Where is that pagan voice?

There are always the classics – The Elements Song, We All Come From the Goddess, May the Circle Be Open

There are more, of course, but I don’t have my playlists in front of me at this moment. The point is, I can think of, and sing to myself, maybe six or seven pagan songs that I have not written, that were composed by pagan writers, and speak of something regarding our religious traditions.

And I *know* we don’t have pagan Gospel songs.

We should. Are you a songwriter? A poetry author? Do something for our ways! Make a contribution! Over the next few months, hopefully I will be able to produce some of the songs that I have written and post them here. But, if you have a song or a chant or a poem(That could be a song!)…please, let it be known! I will do my best to advertise it on this site, and we’ll see what we can do to get the pagan music into common knowledge.

Someone’s gotta do it.


5 responses to “The Pagan Voice

  1. Hail falconrider. Well, I’m not s songwriter but I do have a big collection of pagan music – being a Druid and a member of OBOD I am truly blessed to have enjoyed many an eisteddfod with the likes of Sliver on the Tree, Dragonsfly, The Dolmen, Paul Mitchell’s hilarious pagan satire and of the course the sublime Damh the Bard – some of his stuff are true anthems in Paganism. BB natnemeton

  2. I wish there was more variety in Pagan music. Not including the ritual chants, I feel like it falls into just a few categories: folk, heavy rock/goth, or squeaky female (yeah, not a technical term, I know).

    And I am so sick of Christian music everywhere. Even on American Idol last week, they sang about Jesus being the Lord. What’s up with that?

  3. What bugs me is that pagan music tends to be synonymous in content and musical style to goth and rock, same as the majority of women wear floaty skirts and the men have long hair tied back in a ponytail but a receding hairline. Prejudicial? No, I don’t mind what people do, I just wish we had more variety – the prejudicial aspect seems to be the peer pressure that has someone new to the Craft being themselves at first and within a year or two matching everyone else in interests, clothes and music. Paganism isn’t the only thing where this kind of behaviour becomes evident.

    Like the previous commentator, ritual chants aside my tastes are not the ‘norm’ in Pagan circles. I’ve even been dissed for liking disco and Kylie and so on, but I am also gay and carry some of that culture with me I guess.

    While it bugs me how alike so many Pagans are, it is most irritable when those of us who don’t fit the stereotypes are maligned as not taking our spirituality serious – like a ponytail brings us closer to the Goddess, or a flowery print dress helps us in spellcraft… x

  4. Check out Wendy Rule – she’s a pagan singer and a lot of her songs deal with pagan themes – she has songs about the elements and different goddesses and I’m not really sure what style I’d classify her as, but she has a gorgeous voice. I had been frustrated looking for good pagan music also, seeing that it tends to be either really heavy or just not very good, but I went to a pagan meetup once and someone mentioned her, so I looked her up on Youtube. She’s really really good.

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