Secrets to Being Reputable

Hey guys, I have a challenge for you.

If you think about all of the pagan resources on the web – forums, chat, blogs, CMS’s everywhere…you get to see a variety of individuals interacting with each other. As an outsider, looking in, how would you feel? With those MM, BB, lol, rofl, wysiwyg acronyms floating everywhere(Okay…the last one is barely used but fun ^_^) …wouldn’t you be intimidated?

Think back to some of the forums you’ve read. Possibly some of the comments I’ve had posted on this blog. The acronyms, abbreviations, although they make posting faster, they make readability downright horrible.

And so, to my challenge. At least on pagan resources.

  • Spell Correctly
  • Use Grammar(Don’t Abuse It)
  • Try to keep the abbreviations to one or two per paragraph. (An occasional LOL~!1@!!! is fine.)

I don’t mean to be a bitch, or be unfriendly. I have been a loyal internet nerd and techie since the mid 1990s – I can type in lolcatz as well as the rest of you. I was an IRC junkie, a dedicated member to cybertown and Yahoo! Chat Rooms, Forums all over the place, and everything else.

But, we are in an epic battle against fluffy bunnies here. And grammar, spelling, and common sense are, at least on the internet, our only tools on hand. Our (magical) ancestors have been fighting for recognition since the fifties, and we have this entire new realm that we have to make a good name for ourselves on. Even the tiniest things – making ourselves friendly and approachable – will help the cause.

Join the fight.

And the Order (lol).

Blessed Be!


One response to “Secrets to Being Reputable

  1. I have seen such acronyms used on websites all over, not just Wiccan and Pagan ones and I don’t think it has anything to do with credibility. It is one of the reasons I am still mourning the loss of the Avalonia forums, though they discouraged such slang, when it and txt spk got used in messages, it never took long for some of the regulars to explain to newcomers why it was unexceptable to use such language. It made reading the messages there a great deal more useful, just like your blob here, written in clear english. Its fantastic btw.

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