If my readers are anything like me, one thing that I tend to struggle with a lot is discipline.  Discipline and the will to see things through.  That makes for a great magic practitioner, right?  The irony is hard to miss.

Nevertheless, I thought I would throw out some tips to you guys to keep you (and me) motivated to do what has to be done throughout this summer.

  • To do list.  Write down a list of things that have to be done – whether it is by the end of the day or week or month.  Make sure you refer back to your to do list often.  Cross things off when they’re completed.  And when you’re done with that list, make a new one.
  • Schedule.  Keeping to a schedule could mean going to bed at the same time, or at least waking up at the same time (preferably before noon).  If your body is used to doing something over and over, you may find that you are able to do other things over and over (clean, cook, work, exercise, etc).
  • Develop habits.  This ties in with the schedule bit – you need to make sure that what you need to be doing is done consistently.
  • Constant reminders and rewards.  This may be the notecard on your door that says, “Run damnit!”  or it might be an extra little thing of chocolate from the supermarket.  But making sure to give yourself constant reminders and incentives will provide a much easier path to discipline.

Here is my proposed schedule for the mornings, barring sickness, etc.

  • Wake up.
  • Shower.
  • Post here.
  • Eat.
  • Exercise.
  • Meditate.
  • (Insert daily things here – work, projects, games, food, email, etc)
  • Eat dinner (with family).
  • Relax.
  • Sleep.

Maybe now that I’ve posted it, I’ll actually keep to it 😉

Does anyone out there have a better suggested order of things?  I know that showering before I exercise is the most redundant thing I could do, but I’m always so tired in the morning that if I bar myself from showering until I exercise, I’m ornery enough not to exercise.

So there’s life.  And between this blog, The Order, my internship, my full-time job, and my upcoming bicycle trip, hopefully I’ll find time to enjoy it.


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