The Path of Spirit

Hey guys –

I’ve found my project for the summer.  And you’re going to be involved!

I’m going to write a book (Don’t worry, I have written books before.  Unpublished, but I have finished them) on becoming a leader along the Wiccan path.  I think this needs to be done because quite frankly, all that is out there is, “So, you want to turn someone into a frog?  Welcome to Wicca!”

This book isn’t going to be about theology – about which gods to choose, etc.  We’re going to assume that the reader is someone who has been along the path for quite some time.  This book is going to be about theory.

  • How to construct a ritual for different group settings
  • How to deal with group dynamics
  • The knowledge you should have when entering into a theological discussion
  • The importance of being a role model
  • How to market yourself to others as a strong person with a voice that should be heard.
  • How to adjust to different theologies within the faith
  • Basic spiritual mechanics
  • Dealing with people new or considering, dealing with intolerance
  • The history of Wicca and different lenses to look at it through.
  • A small liturgy of the classic chants, writings, etc.

But this isn’t going to be all opinion.  I am going to try to write it from a collegiate, footnoted point of view, though hopefully not in a dry, boring voice that makes you fall asleep as you turn the page.

Where do you come in?  I’ll be posting the parts I’ve written for review, comments, etc.  I’m not sure how far this project will get, but I’ll try my hardest.

Blessed Be!


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