Hey all!

I know I’m about half an hour late(at the time I’m starting this post) but I definitely wanted to wish everyone a happy Litha.  Litha, the summer solstice, holds some of my fondest memories.

Litha has always been the, “relax!” holiday for me.  It symbolizes growth, and everything playing out the way that it should.  In that case, I’ve taken time to step back and enjoy my life today.  My largest religious act today consisted of going to the place where my coven used to meet and laying flowers where out first altar ever was.  It was simple, it brought back some good memories, and although those came with a twinge of sadness and anger(the land is being developed into houses, its only a matter of time before our footprint is permanently erased) I knew it was time to let go and let Nature do its work.

Life changes, and it changes fast.  Not seven years ago, I stood in a field, laughing with my covenmates as we stood atop the small dirt mound, picking flowers and playing tag, before retiring a few hundred feet away to cook hotdogs before we began our ritual to celebrate the beginning of summer.  Now, a house stands on that dirt mound, and the trees are fast disappearing.  That bright sunlight with the white fluffy clouds, the well cleared path we had made, and the red tailed hawks roosting in the trees above seem to remain only in our memories(well, the sun still shines).

And you know, today, I accepted it.  I stopped feeling guilty about ‘giving up’ on the covenstead which had been destroyed by boys and teenagers and fire and hammers and axes – more than once.  I stopped feeling remorse over not planting thorny bushes over the trails to protect the one little sacred spot that we had.

Nature remembers, and nature regrows.  Those trees, those plants, the seeds of life, will lie in wait for their chance to rule again.  In that small valley where we held circle, the plants are lush – knee high at least, the trees which we used to tie ropes and candles still flourishing, despite the occasional nail or axe mark.  And I realized today that it does not matter if someone builds their house where I stood skyclad before the gods, because tomorrow – whether tomorrow is a year or a decade or a century from now – that house will be fighting tooth and nail for its spot on Her earth.  If its there.

That is the lesson I drew from today.  I hope yours went equally well!


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