AIDS Ride for Life

Well guys,

As you know, within any religion there is a need to pass yourself off as a leader, indeed, become a leader of the community in which you live – whether that is the local, regional, state, national, or international depends on your hopes and dreams.

In my life, I am headed towards a new goal for the year: to bike 100 miles in a day.  A century.  This seems like a pretty daunting task, with an average bicyclist riding at 10 mph.  So, I began to search last night for group rides, and I found one.  AIDS Ride For Life.  It takes place in Ithaca, NY, on September 13th.  And I will be joining this team in bringing the message that there is hope for AIDS research.

The problem is, that I have to raise at least $300 to participate.  My fundraising goal is $500.  And trust me, every little bit will help.  Even a dollar.

So, if you donate even the tiniest bit to this organization, I’ll do something for you in return.  I’ll give your blog or website a special little mention here, I’ll help you build a website, I’ll give you some personal recognition – I’ll do anything to meet my goal, and to help the AIDS community at large.

And remember – especially if you’re against gays and somehow reading my site.  More straight people – women, children – who are just caught in bad situations or don’t know – are diagnosed and are being treated for AIDS.  Period.  AIDS may have been the gay disease at one point – but now, it could be your daughter or your sister or your cousin.  The HIV virus can be hidden for years at a time, dormant.

AIDS is a global problem.  Let’s do something about it.


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