Tiring of Fear

We’re going back to group dynamics for a little bit this morning.  As something occurred last night (details don’t matter, it was much calmer than normal group situations involving “Supernatural” or otherwise “weird” things), I realized that it takes a certain person not to be a fluffy bunny.  You have to be tired of fear.

I realize that there are fluffy bunnies out there who will look at a spirit that has just thrown them out of the room through a wall, and go, “Why are you so angry, ma’am?” – I’m pretty sure that I would either do that, or leave.  But the key in stopping group or even individual “weird” occurances into anything more than what they should be is simply tiring of fear.

If you’re like me when I was a kid, I used to be just as frightened of what was under my bed.  I must have run and leapt onto my bed up until I was 12.  Granted, I didn’t go into a store and talk to the storekeeper / buy something all by myself until I was 14.  I wouldn’t order pizza until I was 14.  Hell, I still won’t do it with other people around.

But that scared of the dark, scared of the things you see out of the corner of your eye, immobilizing fear, needs to stop.  It can’t control you.  If you’re meant to die, you’re going to die.  Otherwise, you’re going to survive and take all of the knowledge you can out of it.

And when you start to realize that no one is going to come out of the shadows of your surburban home, kidnap and kill you (real or ethereal), life becomes a little happier.

Unfortunately, convincing an entire group of this “tiring of fear” concept can be difficult.  Fear fascinates us – death, destruction, we love it all.  We love that adrenaline rush, we love getting excessively crazy just to creep ourselves out.  If left alone long enough, sometimes we can actually give ourselves the auditory and visual hallucinations to accompany the fear.

Granted, sometimes what is occurring (auditory and visually) could actually be happening, but regardless, you are given a sense of reality about this thing which you have worked yourself up towards.  Or have been working yourself up towards after the hearing/seeing.

Point is, once you’re sick of fear, staying above that sort of situation may get a bit easier, and enable you to prepare for other, more important situations in the future.

(Damn you, horror movies!)


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