Skill vs. Strength

There are so many times in life when we are presented with a challenge which the more experienced or more skilled could accomplish more easily.  Whether it is a new website design in a language you only half know, or a presentation you had exactly one hour to prepare, we all know that sinking feeling when someone asks, “Well, I can always give the job to _____”, a more experienced person.

For me, it is my upcoming bicycling trip with Parks and Trails New York.  It’s 400 miles across the state (Buffalo to Albany) along the Erie Canal.  I did the ride last year with no knowledge of biking in groups, or really, biking at all.  I never even knew what the point of all those gears were, except that the higher gears made you go faster.

Now, I have so much more experience, but I haven’t trained as much (not that I trained too much last year, summer classes got in the way).  I’m also not as pushed towards excellence this year.  Last year, I made a promise to myself that I would bike every single mile of that trip.  Make it up every hill.  This year, I am more inclined to take pictures of everything and anything – I really want to capture the beauty of the trip.

I’m also promising to myself to enjoy it this time.  Not that I didn’t, last time, but sometimes I got too focused on the fact that I was going slow or the need to be done for the day.  This time, I really am going to focus on the touring aspect and not so much the athletic aspect.  I am satisfied – I have done those hills before.

In the same manner, it is skill that opens us to enjoying new things.  Just like when we reach a new degree along our path, or a new discovery, we get like, a new playground to explore.  When we graduate high school, the world opens up for us with more opportunities, not less.  And so, having done this trip before, I think my eyes will be opened to an entirely new variety of experiences to be had in my week long vacation.

But, that brings me back to my point.  Am I strong enough?  Will my skill compensate?

Just some thoughts.

Blessed Be!


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