Resetting the Body

Do you ever have those days when you just totally wipe?  And how often this process repeats itself is an indicator of stress or change?  My body likes to show its unhappiness with its own existence through the use of migraines.  Like the one I’m starting to get right now.  It says to me, “You have actually f-ed me up to the point that I’m not sure which way is up or down, and which sensation is hot or cold, and all I really understand is that this blinding pain in my head is not fun.”

And so, although a short post, allow me to shed light upon the lesson learned:  We need balance in our lives to maintain a healthy existence.  And whether your stress shows in headaches or anxiety or sudden lapses into bad or odd behaviors, it’s all the same.  The lesson?  Let your body reset.  And then try to give it a fighting chance.

In magical terms, this may be meditation or some other healthy habit that we pick up as “skills” along our path.  Perhaps a simple prayer in the morning would stave off this unwanted pain.  Some sort of stretching routine, perhaps, could alleviate some of the physical triggers of what ails me (or you).

In any case, I will feel better in the morning after passing out for a few hours and allowing my body to regain its fighting chance against the world.

Blessed Be!


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