All Quiet on the Western Front

I have to tell you guys, I’ve been searching for 3 hours now on CNN and wherever else the road took me to try to find something controversial going on in the religion world, exceptional from the standard Middle Eastern fighting and American Politics.  I suppose I’ll have to make my way over to a different news site though, because all CNN has is Obama and the celebrity model who committed suicide in New York this weekend.

What I seem to be focused on now, is getting my community involved in my life.  I’m thinking of starting up the Order of the Gecko’s campaign to local churches, but even that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  It’s alright if its a small group of people – but it seems like I’m standing alone.  Its not like I’m trying to poke a sharp stick into an empty hole – there are goals of the Order which stand outside the chains of time: religious tolerance, community service, religious education.  But it seems like there is a big gap between the internet world and the real world.  We can get professors, church leaders, to hold seminars, but asking them to write a tutorial or an “e-course” is just too much work.

The Order isn’t meant to be an individual effort.  It was founded by two people with hopes for their respective communities, and eventually, maybe, the world.  I don’t have the money to invest in hiring staff writers or content contributors, or even paid advertising.  It’s not meant to be a business.  It’s meant to be a group of people who care.  People who are intelligent and feel that they owe something to, if not the people, the world in which we live.

Maybe I can get some fellow bloggers on board.  I’m looking for content – whether its an article on reading runes or an article on becoming a better Christian, I want it.  You’ll keep your rights – I’m not going to go around anytime soon and publish your article in a book and sell it for lots of money.

I know, this is a blog dedicated to pagan issues.  This is an issue, at heart, though.  I am not the only person attempting to resurrect or begin an internet community – and I am Pagan.  The issues of running a group, of founding a group, tie in with basic group dynamics and covens, themselves.  We have a rule at the Order, which is initiated by the attempt to register: you must make the first move – you must come to us.  It is much the same in the path we walk – you are not born in, or initiated without a choice.  You say yes.  You ask for that right.

Give me an issue!  What is it that you guys want to hear about?  I can’t possibly have blogged out all of my subjects – we haven’t even been together a year!

Until inspiration hits me, I s’pose I’ll be focusing on the Order and my other projects.  And posting.  Daily.  Even if its relatively useless like this post.

Blessed Be!


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