What If We’re Wrong?

Don’t take this post as a doubt of where I’m headed in life. I’m merely responding to one of those search terms that brought someone to my website. And the search term? “Pagan fear of hell”.

I’d suggest covering your own ass, and becoming Christian and Pagan at the same time in some fashion, as some choose to do.  Personally, I find that exceptionally ill advised, as the two spiritualities do operate on fundamental differences.

Or maybe you’ll be pagan until the moment you die, and then you’ll ask forgiveness from Jesus as you breathe your last breath.  Also ill advised, as the lack of loyalty you’ve shown to either side will win you no favors.

Maybe you’ll heed the 13 Principles in that life is about balance, and there is no absolute evil in this world.

Or maybe you’ll think to yourself, “I’ve lived a good life.  God(s) will understand and respect and reward me.”

I tend towards the last two, but leave you with this question.  If you were raised in a society not dominated by Christian culture everywhere you go, be it Main Street or a history book, would that ‘fear of hell’ really be an issue?  Or would it be treated like you do the other religions who claim that their way is the only way?


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