Ouija Boards

Someone commented the other day (while I was gone) and I feel obligated to respond to their question in a public and rather longwinded manner. I understand that this post, because of its subject matter, will get a lot of outside traffic. Ground rules:

  • I am NOT teaching you any super cool tips or tricks to use Ouija Boards.
  • I am not responsible for any stupidity occurring before, during, or after the reading of this post. In fact, I am discouraging stupidity.

Now, the question was: “what is your opinion on ouija boards yes or no”

My answer is coming directly from what I have been taught. This may differ from other traditions. First of all,

Where attention goes, energy flows

I know I used that saying in a recent post. It is true here, as well. If you put a lot of attention and therefore, energy, into a ouija board, something, “results,” are more likely to manifest.

99% of astral entities don’t give a shit about you. Of the rest, some may be helpful, some may be harmful.

That’s right. What makes you special enough to call into the astral realm, “Hey, I’m looking for some fun! Want to oblige me?” Gee, I wonder how that is going to turn out.

Groups + occult = group hysteria

Again, not ruling out the occurrence of shared experiences of other entities, but often, a ring leader(Controlling the Crowd: Mass Hysteria) will easily take over the mood of the evening and perhaps it will not turn out as you wish. (Can anyone else say, “Possession!”? Number Six of the Top Ten Things A Witch Learns Over Time)

In conclusion, unless the Ouija board is your preferred method of divination for higher wisdom(and who actually asks for the gods on a Ouija board?) I’d suggest staying away. It is a boiling cauldron(I know, cheesy. I had to.) of trouble and drama just waiting to happen.


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