An Invitation to Teach

I know, I try very hard to keep to the subject area, but occasionally, I have to issue a plea for my other projects.  The Order of the Gecko is my first project, and it is a continuous project – over five years of sweat and frustration have gone into this project.  It has gone through constant design changes, but the leadership, the values, and the intentions have always remained the same.

But we want to invite others to join our community.  We need writers – bloggers, even!  We want articles and e-books, we want mini-lessons and full blown e-courses.  We want teachers and learners.  We want anyone who has the same drive to learn and discuss philosophy, religion, ideology, theology, and even history within those contexts.  Our motto is, Fidelis Causo Questio – faithful to the cause of learning.

That being said, I don’t have too much more to say.  We can’t pay for articles, but we’ve got a pretty wide resource of them, all things considered, and I suppose its a good place to start, from blogging to freelance or freelance to blogging.  We want anything that you think someone else might find useful.

And that’s not all.  We want to extend into the real world.  We want to be at the forefront of community service projects.  We want to be the interfaith organization that puts service and knowledge in the same boat, without some sort of secret initiation rite or even member dues.

It’s going to be a long process, but I think if you even have a little bit of time to hop on and join in, we’ll all be better for it.

The address?

Blessed Be!


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