Refreshed and Ready

Well guys, I have some news!  After an extended period away from college(Since the end of May), I am finally ready to start again!  Summer vacation is extremely important while learning, because you need to want to learn, in order to do so.  It helps it stick better.

Spiritually, we go through the same cycles.  There are some times when we are ready, eager and willing to tackle spiritual problems.  Other times, the last thing we want to hear or see is the word “religion.”

How can we foster that sense of “new” for the stuff we need to do?  For me, if I can’t find the motivation to do something, I will put it off until the very last moment.  That goes spiritually, as well.  And if I don’t feel ready for something, or am frightened slightly by my lack of knowledge, the same thing will happen.  Instead of tackling it in bits and pieces, I take it all at once, in the very end of my possible time to complete the task.

I guess the best thing we can do is practice moderation.  Take breaks and reward ourselves each time we’ve figured something out, or completed a project.  For me, a little extra prayer time – which translates to, a walk in the woods – can get me through months of stressful situations.

Have a great day!

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