Some Days, You Need To Mope

We all have our rough spots in life, and we all have those moments where all we want to do, to put it eloquently, is to crawl into a dark corner and hide from the world. No religion or spirituality can stop those feelings from at least creeping up on us occasionally.

The important thing to do when that sort of depression hits though, is to not feel guilty over that sort of feeling, because its a common human being thing.  It might be chemical or environmental, or it may be entirely psychological in nature, but regardless, you aren’t alone.

So, when one of those days creeps up on you, or a loved one, accept it.  Talk about it – with someone else, if its you; or with the person its happening to, and then just let it run its course.

Forcing yourself to be sunny and cheery will just result in a bigger crash.  Letting your mind calm down, untangle and work itself out – that’s the best solution, at least in my opinion.

But don’t let it take over your life.  If you take your twenty four hours of hiding from the world, and it isn’t enough – you do need to emerge from your shell and live your life.  Sometimes, time is the best healer.

Why do you think this problem seems to be rampant – depression, etc – in our day and age?  I have a theory.  Too much input.  With the computers and the television and the radio and the high stress jobs/school and for younger versions of adults, buses and for adults, keeping up on all our various sitcoms and bills and the practical and theoretical and the fun and the family and god knows what else.  Too much input.  On an average night hanging out with my friends, we will watch youtube, play video games, watch a movie, drive around with an iPod dictating our music – there’s never any stop for my senses, which have to experience the general temperature and humidity, as well as varying sounds, a blinking and flashing lights from videogames or movies…

If we lived simpler lives, we wouldn’t have this problem, I think.  But we can’t live simpler lives – easily – in the United States.  You can use me as an example – for work, I manage two main websites right now, am programming one of them as-we-speak; i’ve got plans going for 3-4 other website design projects.  On the freelance side, I’m doing freelance video reviews, articles for one place, exclusive content for another, blogging here(for no pay), blogging on another(for pay), I run the Order…And I also at least try to maintain the house(in the summer) while my parents are at work – I’m combating my two dogs and two cats who need constant attention, my male family members who are constantly around the house(one of which does not even live here)…

Granted, I may just be an overachiever, but many, many people live the same way – juggling a million things at once because they have to or because they can.  And it does wear on us.

I recognize that today is Lammas/Lughnasadh, and this post is both seemingly endless and without a point.  But paganism can’t get any more practical than this:  Know when to take a break.

We close ourselves off from the Gods in our rush to be constantly doing so damn much.  Open yourself up today, and hear their message.

And that, is the best advice I can give ;-).


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