Going Above And Beyond

So, I’ve been looking up possible post-undergraduate paths for myself, and graduate school, along with law school, are both options which are in the back of my mind.  I was researching one Master’s program last night, and they had student bios of all of their current graduate students.  And this program – which I am *rather* interested in – had students which had gotten their undergraduate education, gone out into the world and done a shit ton of things, and then come back to school.

How am I supposed to beat that sort of experience?  The answer is the post title: going above and beyond.  I need to volunteer(like crazy) over the next two years in environmental action, environmental restoration, and other environmental groups if I even have a shot of getting into a program invovling environmental field work.  And so, the next few months?  I’ve asked to volunteer with the Buffalo-Niagara Riverkeepers; The Alzheimer’s Walk, and Habitat for Humanity.  Don’t forget about my AIDS Ride for Life campaign either – I certainly haven’t.

But I’m not doing these things just because I want to get into graduate school.  The only difference in my volunteering habits this year, is that I’m trying different organizations.  I want to be a leader.  And you should, too.  A lot of Christian organizations are all over the place, helping people(Habitat is one!).  Why don’t we have similar groups?  Organizations?  We should be the leaders, without a doubt – we care about the earth AND its animals, plants and people.  Is it our inherent distaste of hierarchy?

Remember that reputation of Wicca and paganism I’m always talking about.  It doesn’t really matter if it’s known that we’re pagan – unless it comes up, of course.  What’s important is that between the Gods and you, you have an agreement – that you will help their children, and they will help you.

Blessed be!


One response to “Going Above And Beyond

  1. I think pagans join non-denominational groups that do not do good under the imprimatur of a religion. I’d prefer it that way – I won’t support charity groups that teach people to read by providing New Testaments, for example.

    We don’t need to do good in order to prove the credentials of the faith, after all. We just need to do good.

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