Full Moon Prayer

Please feel free to share this poem, but include my name and a link back to this article.

Author: Lynn Windsor.

Blog post url: http://pagan-pages.org/2008/08/18/full-moon-prayer/


It’s that time of the month again!

Goddess of the moon –
Mother of the earth –
We pray to you now,
Bless us with mirth

And trust in our path
And show us the way
With no harm to any
Bring on these new days

We dance to you skyclad
In our hearts and souls
With two sacred passwords
To love and to know

We seek out your blessing
And revel in your love
Goddess of many
Bright lady above.

Have a happy esbat!


11 responses to “Full Moon Prayer

  1. im new o all of Wicca and i really do like it, it’s beautiful and seems right to me….although i dont think my mother will approve but i told her and all she did was give me a face and said hmmm. The saying you have of our lady was very beautiful i love it.

    if you have any advice please send me an e-mail, anybody

    • my mom doesnt like it either, and I’m in high school. I wish you luck, and say you should just keep trying and just…let them think what they want.

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