You’ll Notice…

I posted on a lot of peoples’ blogs today with the same message!  I didn’t want to spam, but I didn’t want the message to not get out, either.  Here it is:

Hey –

Sam from Pagan Pages here.  I was wondering, since we have a pretty connected blogroll across pagan blogs in this corner of the web, if we should maybe start a wordpress site of our own and transfer the blogs over?  That would give us our own little niche.  We could even, I’m sure make the main page link to those pagan users who wanted to participate, but didn’t want to move their blogs from their current homes.

We could even come up with a cool name.; …

It’d be a group effort though, definitely.  Let me know 🙂


If you’re interested, comment right here 🙂


4 responses to “You’ll Notice…

  1. Hi Sam! It’s D. (aka coopergrrl) from Daughter of the Moon.
    Are you thinking of a web ring? I think that’s a great idea! If you are not thinking of a web ring, can you expand the idea a bit? (not very literate when it comes to blogging lol; I have a friend who’s helped me set mine up!)

  2. LOL, Hey D. Sorry I didn’t exactly expand more, but it was just a rough idea. My idea is as follows: create a domain that offers the same service as or – allows users to create blogs. But, those users that create blogs will all be writing about pagan issues.

    So, instead of ; it could be samsblog.(paganurl).com . It would provide a more focused content feed, and draw users that can stumble across our blogs. And for those pagan oriented users, the site would provide a chance for them to stay on the same site and see what other pagans have to say on the same sort of issues.

    In essence, it would be a blogging site, just for pagans. Since we have a pretty consistent amount of pagan authors in the immediate vicinity(your blogroll, my blogroll, all of their blogrolls, etc), we could bring over a large base audience, increase activity and provide a bit of uniformity in terms of being able to find questions and answers about topics.

    As I said, it would be a group project – I don’t want to just create a website and hope people sign up and blog on it. We should be able to add AdSense to individual blogs if we so desire as well, so perhaps your blog could be a source of (very finite) income.

  3. Hi Sam, it’s Andy here aka Spicy Cauldron. I think your idea is a great one in many respects but I wouldn’t be in favour of moving my blog, personally, to a sub-domain of another. But most importantly, my pagan spirituality informs a wide breadth of issues and topics but I wouldn’t describe it as a solely pagan site. If that makes sense. I think the idea of a shared networking principle, like a web ring only without the overtones of naffness that generates for most of us, is one worth pursuing.

    Having a pagan people’s blogroll, perhaps, centrally served? x

  4. I forgot to say, there’s a non-pagan one I’m thinking of, called BlogPower. I left it ages ago because they allowed a BNP website to join, and I wasn’t prepared to have a link to anything connected to the BNP to show up on my site. But the basic idea is great. There’s a central website, informing people what it is and how to join, and then members just add the blogroll to their own sites wherever they want. x

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