Sometimes, I Wish So Hard

Sometimes, I wish so hard that I would be looked at as a person, and not as a woman.  As a wrestler, as a football player, and not a woman in a man’s world.  As a person who has earned her black belt, and not as a person who was granted her black belt by the male powers that be.  A person that should not be discriminated against because they were born with ovaries – unable to join half of all greek social life(fraternities).

Sometimes, I wish so hard that my children could grow up in a world where that wish comes true.  Where the majority of women do not wear makeup, because they recognize that beauty comes from within(I do believe in deodorant.  No worries).  Where the majority of women do not “snag” their men by wearing shorts just below the curve of their butts, and shirts high enough to show their nipples.

Sometimes, I wish so hard that I could retreat from this world with someone that I love – it could be me, and him, and the wild world of nature.  Is there a spot untouched by humanity?  Could we create our own Eden?  I wish that I could just hide in that dark hole and not worry about the fact that there is constant power struggles between humans for dominance.

Sometimes, I wish so hard that I could reconnect with my pagan origins – before women were subjegated to the dominance of men in Christian-driven Victorian England.  I wish that I, too, could run as the goddess through the fields, being chased by a man in some ancient fertility rite.

And yet, here I am, typing on a computer, inside a house with electric and food and a family that loves and cherishes me.

We need to make those changes.  We need to reclaim the wilderness.  We need to reclaim feminine power and break the boundaries of sports and fraternities.  It should be normal, not requiring mention, for a woman to be on a sports team.  Women should be able to play in the NFL along side men, take their initiations into social and mystical groups along side men.

We have a lot of work to do.


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